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This is Blasphemy, This Is Madness…

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Small scene from the most racist film known to man.


Sometimes, things are just meant to be wrong. This was by-far, the most unorganized, most everything going wrong, just flat out bad show. First, I walk in and it’s all love as always. Matik is chillling in the production studio and I’m like, “HELL YEAH! Let’s knock out some tracks!”. So we did, life was great as it is always when I’m in WBMB. But, 8pm comes around and it’s time to get myself together for my show. Just for background knowledge, I always use 3 CD’s for each show in order to transition between songs and background music effectively. Come to find out, there’s no blank CD’s anywhere in the station. Now I’m panicking, I’ve never done a show without CD’s!


Matik comes up with the bright idea to just do the show straight from the computer that streams the show. OK! BUT, the only thing that will transfer from my laptop to the computer is Bob Marley’s “Dreadlock Rasta”. So, I had to work with Dreadlock Rasta! I tried so hard to just talk my bullshit, but this night, it just wasn’t working out. ON TOP OF THAT, I wasn’t even able to start saving my show so I can’t even express with you my first half of my frustrations!


ON TOP OF ALL OF THAT, Mickey Factz shows up! Factz and I have been in contact since about Thursday / Friday and we’ve been emailing each other back and forth about the show. Although we had confirmed for Tuesday, we hadn’t talked all day on Tuesday! So I wasn’t even sure if homey was going to come. Of course, during the worst crisis I’ve ever experienced since I started my show, Factz shows up out of nowhere. He had to leave early so we had to a sloppy freestyle session where the cable kept slipping out of the mixer and the beat was dropping in the middle of Mickey’s freestyles! Even if you download and listen to this show multiple times in its entirity, you would never understand the frustration I faced with this show. I want to show ya’ll it all though, good and bad, IT’S LLOYAL. Click the pic so you can see just how retarded shit was.



p.s. The stream has pauses in it that I couldn’t fix for whatever reason, bare with it please.


p.p.s. I didn’t want to do this, but let’s do it.

“yo nigga,  

i just came from Kimora party

i just left all the rich fiji water douching bitches to come through to spit some partly written shit on ur show for 5 minutes then leave…

fuck outta here.”


I couldn’t have said it better myself.