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Ok, so I lied…

Posted in Shows (Also available on iTunes) with tags , , , , , , , on August 10, 2008 by itslloyal

Here it is Sunday and I definitely promised ya’ll Lloyal Rumble by last Friday. Unfortunately, that was an unrealistic goal to DJ Nome (the man who’ll be mixing my tape). But I’m not upset, sure you guys may be, but I’m not. It’ll only be better. Enough of that, the music will speak for itself.


This past week I bragged the whole show about completing Lloyal Rumble, so this is my tease to you.

On a much more personal note, breakups suck. Especially the smooth ones where you can’t tell what’s on the other person’s thoughts. What am I to expect? I dunno. Most, if not all, will not understand my most recent relationship because it was kept between us for, well, ever. But, it has history. More than the recent publication of it all. Here’s to you…




P.S. Click on either pic to download last week’s show.