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Ok, so I lied…

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Here it is Sunday and I definitely promised ya’ll Lloyal Rumble by last Friday. Unfortunately, that was an unrealistic goal to DJ Nome (the man who’ll be mixing my tape). But I’m not upset, sure you guys may be, but I’m not. It’ll only be better. Enough of that, the music will speak for itself.


This past week I bragged the whole show about completing Lloyal Rumble, so this is my tease to you.

On a much more personal note, breakups suck. Especially the smooth ones where you can’t tell what’s on the other person’s thoughts. What am I to expect? I dunno. Most, if not all, will not understand my most recent relationship because it was kept between us for, well, ever. But, it has history. More than the recent publication of it all. Here’s to you…




P.S. Click on either pic to download last week’s show.


This is Blasphemy, This Is Madness…

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Small scene from the most racist film known to man.


Sometimes, things are just meant to be wrong. This was by-far, the most unorganized, most everything going wrong, just flat out bad show. First, I walk in and it’s all love as always. Matik is chillling in the production studio and I’m like, “HELL YEAH! Let’s knock out some tracks!”. So we did, life was great as it is always when I’m in WBMB. But, 8pm comes around and it’s time to get myself together for my show. Just for background knowledge, I always use 3 CD’s for each show in order to transition between songs and background music effectively. Come to find out, there’s no blank CD’s anywhere in the station. Now I’m panicking, I’ve never done a show without CD’s!


Matik comes up with the bright idea to just do the show straight from the computer that streams the show. OK! BUT, the only thing that will transfer from my laptop to the computer is Bob Marley’s “Dreadlock Rasta”. So, I had to work with Dreadlock Rasta! I tried so hard to just talk my bullshit, but this night, it just wasn’t working out. ON TOP OF THAT, I wasn’t even able to start saving my show so I can’t even express with you my first half of my frustrations!


ON TOP OF ALL OF THAT, Mickey Factz shows up! Factz and I have been in contact since about Thursday / Friday and we’ve been emailing each other back and forth about the show. Although we had confirmed for Tuesday, we hadn’t talked all day on Tuesday! So I wasn’t even sure if homey was going to come. Of course, during the worst crisis I’ve ever experienced since I started my show, Factz shows up out of nowhere. He had to leave early so we had to a sloppy freestyle session where the cable kept slipping out of the mixer and the beat was dropping in the middle of Mickey’s freestyles! Even if you download and listen to this show multiple times in its entirity, you would never understand the frustration I faced with this show. I want to show ya’ll it all though, good and bad, IT’S LLOYAL. Click the pic so you can see just how retarded shit was.



p.s. The stream has pauses in it that I couldn’t fix for whatever reason, bare with it please.


p.p.s. I didn’t want to do this, but let’s do it.

“yo nigga,  

i just came from Kimora party

i just left all the rich fiji water douching bitches to come through to spit some partly written shit on ur show for 5 minutes then leave…

fuck outta here.”


I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Interns, Rappers, and Producers

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“Feeling has been replaced with swag” – J.A.M.E.S. WATTS

I’ve been dying to do a show with this guy for quite sometime now (here we go again, no homo). We finally got to set a date (pause) and I even threw J.A.M.E.S. WATTS into the mix! Poppin! We talked about the great use of interns and WATTS even attempted to interview Hasan (Just Google “Hasan Insane” to find the other a billie a billie interviews). Got a bunch of music here and plus I’m play Heltah Skeltah – Nocturnal as background music the whole show so if that isn’t reason enough to download this show than just kill yourself (word to Fabolous!).


WATTS & Insane at his recent B-Day Party.


I say this everytime but this really was one of the best freestyle sessions ever! For those of ya’ll who downloaded the original show I did with J.A.M.E.S. WATTS know that we murdered it! Well this time we both went in straight up on Hasan’s beats. It was the first time I’ve ever featured a producer on the show so I thought it only made sense for all the beats we spit over to be his. Prophit even jumps into the mix because he’s convinced that he has to be on every show. Click any pic to download the show.


Hasan Insane isn’t as cool as he thinks.


p.s. It’s Tuesday! Click on the link to the right to stream my show tonight from 9-11pm.

Two Girls At Once…

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To any dude, that sounds quite lovely. What man doesn’t dream of that menage a trois? I mean, me too! But when you fall in love with two girls simultaneously, it’s not fun. Especially when there’s nothing wrong with either of them. What’s even worse, is that only one of them knows the whole situation (well both after I push that “publish” button I guess they’ll both know). This past Tuesday, when everybody left the studio and I closed my eyes, I zoned out during my freestyle session and started getting real personal. I’ve cut out this particular part to share with ya’ll my worries. In this freestyle, I’ve summed up the situation damn well. So no more questions! Click on the “Two Girl” painting for the freestyle.

Moving forward from the emotional and mushy! The rest of the show contains a whole bunch of new music that you don’t have and another classic freestyle session by Prophit and I. I don’t want to explain it too much but the situations we create is just ridiculous. Maybe you’ll get a little idea from the pic, click on the homeless dude by Mickey D’s



Corner Store Classics…

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Not only is a hot ass title to Skyzoo’s mixtape but it’s also what I produce each and every Tuesday from 9-11pm. I really appreciate this dude’s presence, he was more humble than the small kids I worked with. Not to say Skyzoo is that large, but he’s getting bigger and bigger everyday (pause). He agreed to the first hour so the format of this show is a little different from what I’m used to doing but still a great show. 

Fuck a BlackBerry and its bitch ass camera.

p.s. It’s hard for me to talk shit considering this is one of my worst freestyle sessions ever. It wasn’t that I was nervous, there’s no excuses really, I just sucked that night. But the fact that Skyzoo was spitting directly off his Sidekick 2 not only proves that freestyling is 100% dead but it also shows that not all “underground” dudes are as “real” as everyone claims.



Lloyal, Versa, Remy

The last hour was mad random for real. It gets to a point where I put a CD in and just go through tracks. The second freestyle session was a much different mood, as you’ll see. A bunch of call in freestyles made the cipher complete.


Click on either pic to download the show.


p.p.s. I’m not sure how this happened, but somehow when I was saving the stream it came out a little choppy. So pardon me for the little fuck ups here and there, it wasn’t my fault.

Gimme that groupie love…

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This was an episode of “It’s Lloyal” where I conducted the whole show by myself. This was probably the first where I had to but I just don’t remember. It’s a challenge, trust me. Peace to all those who called in and kept me company.


Also huge shout goes to DJ Sknow (WBMB) who at my time was my INTERN! I let him do a really short set to showcase his skills which eventually led him to having his own shows.


This show represents my love for Vintage DipSet, Sicilian Slices, and being a rebel. Also this show was after the meeting WBMB had with Sirius (Head by the VP himself, Kid Kelly). It’s that meeting that got me screaming, “KID KELLY I’M COMING FOR YOU NIGGA!”


This show was a fan favorite even though I was dolo. Freestyle session always solid featuring call-in freestyles courtesy of Versa and Prophit.



Click the pic.

Big Pun Vs. Jay Dee

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Maybe the title will catch your attention. But this is what I really attempted to do with this show. I say attempted because I got a little off track here and there. I was exhausted, hungry, and cranky so I do things like that sometimes.


Besides, this was more of just me playing Pun and DILLA shit just ’cause that’s probably my favorite Producer and Rapper of all time. For the record, my all time favorites change like every hour. It’s impossible to prove one dude is hands down the best rapper or producer.


Tati aka The Official Phone Sex Operator was there helping me cohost.


As you can see from my facial expression, emotional stress. 



FOR THE RECORD (part 2), I was highly inspired by Peter Rosenberg’s DILLA – Pun – L dedication he did on Hot 97. I wish I would’ve thought of the idea first since these are all dudes I worship, but pay dues when they’re due.


Click on any pic to download the show.