Crossing Paths with Legends: Pete Rock & Large Professor


Don Blackman tribute show was nothing short of amazing! There was so much love in the building, it was a night for music lovers. Extra P of the highest degree was in the building & the fan in me took over on stage when I saw him through my peripheral. Others in attendance include Lenny White, Danny Walsh & other legendary musicians whose resume’s range from Earth, Wind & Fire to George Clinton. Read more after the jump.

Sense of Direction feat. Lloyal

Sense of Direction feat. Lloyal

There were a bunch of cameras rolling so stay tuned for the footage. But it was a blessing to have the opportunity to partner with the Mobile Mondays team. Shout out to Operator EMZ, look out for the homey’s signature Shell Toe Adidas coming soon! Peace to Miss Rebecca who showed mad love, Natasha Diggs & Miss Behaviour for the IG love, haha!


Twennynine: Don Blackman’s original Band

Just a few days before, I bumped into Pete Rock at the PR vs. DJ Preemo event.


I’ll be cooling at the next Mobile Mondays featuring Biz Markie, come buy a drink for me.


Stay tuned for info on the next show, live from El Barrio!


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