“The Smoke Over” – Lloyal

There I am in a booth, in a secluded Long Island City studio, recording my next EP with Brown Bomber. During the original recordings of the EP, we were in a hot Brooklyn apartment. “The Smoke Over” is a track I did while in that hot Bed-Stuy apartment chilling with Brown Bomber and his roommate AbCents. After a couple of L’s, I told AbCents that my homey Green was looking for me to make a “weed” song for this Stuck on Interstate 420 mixtape. So he started to bang on his MPC, letting out random sounds as I continued to smoke.

A sandwich, two L’s, and a Nantucket later, the beat started to sound like something. I felt it was going to be something GREAT. The next step, was realizing that with Brown Bomber being a bass guitar player, it only made sense to make this bass line come to life. That’s exactly what we did, Bomber played out the bass while AbCents tracked out the beat in logic. It wasn’t long after til I opened up the MemoPad in my BlackBerry and started writing the song. About 2 hours later, I layed down the vocals and that’s where this story concludes. This song will be featured on the HailMaryJane.com mixtape coming out (when else?) 4/20/11. Check out the song below:


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