Legends Of LloyalMania Ep. 2: THANK YAH!

I wrote a verse to the outro instrumental to DOOM’s new album “Born Like This”. Figured that I’d probably never record it so I decided to share it with ya’ll.


Spank yah smelly much, LOLO 3 stacks,
Serving pancakes, chocolate caramel, see that?
These cats, never pay homage, just rhyme spilling.
Emimem, Redman, Ghostface, Villain…
THANK YAH! For inspiration unlimited.
The only way I can craft verses so intricate.
Let’s play the sims, you be John, I’ll be Jim.
The radio’s a circus, what their doing has to be a sin.

Christ, reincarnate already!
Tell Betty, to stop giving brains to Freddy!
Tell DJ Envy to stop sexing Leslie!
Play Hip Hop Presley! make the PD ya enemy!
Fans, open ya eyes and see the payola.
Hip-Hop and fashion done turned to Crayola.
As long as my lungs extract like herbal essence ingrediants,
Hip-Hop is a priority, immediate!
On the daily, I’m a stand up comedian.
Repeating, dreams I had with demons,
trying seman, on the faces of human beings.
So if I spazz, for no fucking reason,
don’t be mad i just had a bad fucking night.
Awkward right? Rewind the track, I saw the light.
Holla’d at a chick, her girl came so I fought the dyke.
I’m a coward right? But you listen to Florida.
You’s don’t even get my lines, call your own coroner.
See dummy? You point at me, see funny.
I could rap about you, make my money.
And you’ll give me dap, sucking on ya Dum Dum.
Sip a little bit of rum, but you be slipping up dun dun.
Throwing up, on the 89 Subaru.
You thought that she liked you, she was just using you.
Stupid fools! Fucking Hip-Hop bafoons!
I’m sorry, but I don’t fuck with ya looney toons…


One Response to “Legends Of LloyalMania Ep. 2: THANK YAH!”

  1. LOL “Figured that I’d probably never record it so I decided to share it with ya’ll.”…
    SHOTS FIRED!!!!!!!

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