I’ve spent a large amount of time there. Given, I worked at Bloomingdales, SoHo for almost a year but by the time I started that job, I was already sick of SoHo. Now when I go down, I front like I hate it so much. But, that’s just not possible. I just hate the people that tend to populate SoHo now, as opposed to the actual location. Recently, I went on a couple of “smoke walks” around the blocks south of Houston St. and found myself reminiscing. But as I recollect and point, some ex co-workers of mine are noting that the spots I remember visiting oh so often don’t exist anymore.

Clientele, NYC

Clientele, NYC

Clientele wasn’t always the biggest (or the best) shop, but every once in a while they had that heat you needed! How many of ya’ll remember the Ghostface shirt? That was a must have! So we continue walking and another disappearance is noted.

Nort / Recon, NYC

Nort / Recon, NYC

The craziest thing I remember about Nort / Recon is when 3 or 4 days before the release of the Stash Air Force 1’s & Air Max 95’s (please google for images) there already was a line of kids lining up. To me, that was absurd! I mean, there were times where I would wait a couple hours, but I never did an overnighter. Not to mention, 3 or 4 days! As we continue on to walk (and smoke of course), we find ourselves on Wooster St. It is here where we find our final fallen “sneaker boutique”.

Stussy, NYC

Stussy, NYC

Stussy is probably the shop that I visited the least in my many visits to SoHo but either way, I’m saddened to see all these stores go away. Each of them remind me of different times I had. Whether I remember that day because I purchased a shirt at one of these stores, or something went down around that store, the memories are unlimited. My mind state is very far from where it was when I was all into kicks, but as with anything that someone shares history with, I do care. So this is my formal goodbye to the ill-fated sneaker boutiques, just another victim to this horrible recession.


2 Responses to “SoHo, NYC”

  1. the recession officially sucks. i hate when my favorite places close down to unfortunate circumstances that have nothing to do with the place itself

  2. I never was a fan of the SoHo thang, but I did like some of the stores there. I was sooo out of the loop that I was about to go to the Stussy store last week Oo haha, talk about gone. Stores closings suck (Good stores), all them higher up jerkoffs messed up and we got to pay the price somehow. At least Black Flag Shoppe round me carries the good stuff.

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