The Future Is Here

Have I been slacking on here, WHY YES I IS! But I’m here, quality over quantity right? This was never supposed to be a competing blog for you to visit on a daily, it’s more like something for the strangers in my life to take a peep in the crack of the door I leave. Life for me? Stupendous, to a certain extent. I’ve been pushing this “Rich By February” for a minute now, here it is the 16th and I don’t have transportation / food money for the week. But you know what, hope is not gone, because I KNOW, if the economy was right, I’d be exactly where I need to be right now.

Moving forward, I’d like to introduce to you the future. This is just a group of really good dudes who enjoy really good music. A group of artists who never forget what it’s like to be a fan. A group who’s still unsure whether or not we are gonna pursue being put under a name. But here goes nothing, say hello to the MAJOR MINORITY¬©

The creator of the term, Anthologee


Good friend and guaranteed guest of whatever show I’m apart of, J.A.M.E.S. WATTS

12minutemixtapeflyerThe 12-Minute Mixtape is available NOW! Click the pic above to download.

Close friend and fellow co-host, D-Black

new-black-city1New Black City has been getting rave reviews from many sources, find out why and click the pic.

My brother from the same mother, Prophit

prophGasoline Cologne EP will be your favorite rapper’s favorite EP. COMING SOON!

Yours truly, the most royal, Lloyal

spring-fling08If you haven’t already, witness the Lloyal Rumble, click the pic. LLOYALMANIA, coming soon.

Sure, I may be jumping the gun. But together or not, this is the future of Hip-Hop. I’d like to formally invite Hip-Hop home, “New York’s back, other niggas say ya prayers” – Prophit & Lloyal’s “718”


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