Groove Line


Heatwave is slowly but surely becoming my favorite group of all time. I check out all the other classic shit like Earth, Wind & Fire and KC & The Sunshine Band, but why is it that I’ve NEVER heard of Heatwave? Up until recently of course. The passion that was put into music back in the 70s just doesn’t compare to any other decade. I’ve said it time and time again but I was really born in the wrong generation!

Moving forward, this is more about my new future than Heatwave but I had to share what I’ve been bumping to as of late. Plus it helps me transition into what we’re trying to do with Breakin’ Records. We’re trying to find our groove line and once we do, watch out world. My pride doesn’t want to admit this but the Lloyal in me will, “It’s Lloyal” was a test run, it was just the beginning. While interning at Sirius, I learned there’s a lot more skill and technique that goes into radio than I had previously thought. I really hope to apply my newly acquired skills toward this new show. Add that to the already great chemistry we create and this could be something big. I won’t stop uploading the shows even if I feel the quality is slacking but I know my regulars (shouts to Mister Lego, Prophit, Hannah, Tati, COTN, Dot etc. if I missed you I still love you just not going to list everyone LOL) would kill me.

Life is truly taking shape as I’ve predicted but I’m struggling right now and I can’t front like it’s all good because it isn’t! I’m broker than I have been in months and I have a group of ex-co-workers who believe I’m a thief. I can front all I want and act like it doesn’t bother me, but when you build a level of trust with someone it sucks for it to be broken. Especially when the cause of it all is out of your own control. On that note, WILL SOMEBODY BUY MY SNEAKERS?????!?!?!?!?!? SIZE 9



Lloyal Rumble has FINALLY been re-uploaded! The link on my myspace is working again and I hope anybody who put it up on their blog will change the link to the working one. Click the pic to download Lloyal Rumble:


Last but not least of course, click the pic below to download this past week’s edition of Breakin’ Records!


Broken Record or Broken Egg? You tell me

I almost forgot to tell you but there’s a nice treat at the end of the show, I guess you’re just going to have to listen to see…

Last but not least!!! New track on the Myspace! First track I did with D-Black a longtime friend and fellow rapper aka why did it take so long for this to happen? 


2 Responses to “Groove Line”

  1. Yooo as I struggle to write this with my frozen hands, I just wanted to say that’s the worst drawing of a record ever lol…looks like a tilted easter egg lmaoo…lets make history sir!!

  2. Brigitte! wus good boo. Says:

    hmmm. so i got an idea to get a free Q-tip poster. i’ll memorize Gettin Up and sing it to youuuu thennn i’ll draw a better broken record for you to post up.

    got it?

    sweet. =]

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