Breakin’ Records

I’m starting to believe this is the greatest song / video of all-time

There comes a time when you’ve just got to move forward in your career. In case you didn’t know already, all the shit I’ve been talking has proved to be more than just shit. Yes, I’m currently interning at Sirius XM (as they’d like to call it now) officially, so, Kid Kelly, I really came for you (pause). I’ve cancelled “It’s Lloyal” for multiple reasons but the most important one is that I just really didn’t have time to do it. Between the internship, working at Bloomingdales, school, and “personal activities”, it was tough to fit “It’s Lloyal” in the schedule. But, I’m back wearing that 4-5. New show, new staff, new material, new everything. The already existing show, “Breakin’ Records” hosted by none other than Matik (producer of “1-10” on Lloyal Rumble and personal friend of course), is about to be renewed. I’ve decided to hop on the Monday’s 7-9 spot to have this team as opposed to it being just me. It all started yesterday when I decided to just hop on the show and the chemistry was there so I figured why not. So I’m back, and I promise I will no longer be an avid blog neglecter too, word up. I don’t know why I didn’t, I guess I was so caught up being a rapper lol, but I didn’t even throw my mixtape on this bitch. Unfortunately, Zshare is all fucked up and the link that it’s been uploaded on doesn’t work, so I’ll upload it as soon as I go home (not tonight lol). So I’m back, make me feel welcome, pause.

Also, here’s yesterday’s sample show featuring DJ Woof, it was definitely one to remember. Click the pic:


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