Rock the HISTORY!

On August 3rd, 2008, I experienced the greatest concert ever! Honestly, I doubt that any show in the future could compare. To be there was a blessing, I have to share everything.


Our beautiful seats


We arrived about 12:30ish to go check out the side stage. Not only are there absolutely no signs that lead you to the side stage, but there’s tons and tons of games and merchandise to get sidetracked from the side stage (as ironic as that sounds). We mindlessly spend our cash on T-Shirts and roam left and right from false directions from Amphitheater employees. Finally, we make our way to the side stage where we’re greeted from a newcomer, Wale. While I’m very much familiar with the name, I’ve never heard his music. With that said, I was very pleased with his performance. 


Wale’s short set introduced an even shorter set from, one-time It’s Lloyal guest, Skyzoo. Despite the length, Skyzoo showed great energy and good annunciation.


That was just the beginning of the beginning, MURS was clearly the highlight of the side stage. He only proved what most of us knew already, that he belonged on the main stage! Not only did he murder it, but he murdered it while his mom was on stage watching him! Gangsta!


But like I said before, THAT WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING! This was all before the Main Stage even opened! The opening act I’ll tell you was the biggest disappointment of the show, Kidz In The Hall. They had multiple unsuccessful attempts at starting their show. After Double-0 (The producer / DJ of Kidz In The Hall) consistently blamed the sound man for their mishaps, he finds out that his external hard drive was unplugged the whole time!


That was the only thing that kept this show from perfection. It was all heaven from there, Dead Prez and Immortal Technique followed the Kidz who both had a little above average performances. Mind you, I’m not a fan of either so I’m sure it was a much better show for those who actually enjoy their music. De La Soul followed with an amazing set. They ran through classics from their first album all the way up to the more recent, “The Grind Date”.  

Not to take anything from De La, but I was really surprised by this performance. They started what seemed to be an event full of surprises when they brought out non other than Biz Markie. Who of course came out beat boxing to perform his all time classic, “Just A Friend”.

After De La Soul came The Pharcyde who also, surprising to me, put on one hell of a show! Opening with the Jay Dee (DILLA) classic “Runnin'” and finishing off with some OG Pharcyde, “Passin’ me by”. Sorry for the shitty pic.


Raekwon & Ghostface followed with a very refreshing performance. Ghost is usually the one who’s outshining, well, everyone. But this set consisted more of Cuban Linx tracks which not only gave Raekwon more shine, but added some surprise to a usually predictable Wu show. LET ME CLEAR THIS UP RIGHT NOW, I could go to a Ghost show ten billion times and still say he’s the greatest, but we have to admit, their shows do get a little repetitive. Raekwon, who last year looked like he was coked up, showed high energy and just generally proved he was happy.

Wu’s for the kids

Mos Def, who I saw very recently at the Nokia Theatre, went through his basic routine of playing classic Reggae and revealing both DILLA samples and samples from his own tracks in between performing his songs.

It didn’t really get live until he brought out Talib Kweli who performed the always extra hype, “Get By”. Kweli & Mos went through a large chunk of their Black Star classics before the biggest surprise of them all…



PHAROAHE MONCH! He tore the whole spot with “Simon Says”.

The most surprising performance came right after with Method Man & Redman. These dudes were hopping up on speakers that had to be at least 10 feet high (no lie, peep the pics!). Method Man stormed the crowd not once, but twice! He threw his sweaty Du-Rag which I happily handed to Jennifer right next to me (shorty has a Wu-Tang tat on her foot). Not much more to describe how these dudes tore it down!

As if that wasn’t enough, Red & Mef bring out Slick Rick who came out and did like 8 bars. This dude must be caking. Although it’s not clear in the picture, his new chains are ridiculous.

Now as if that wasn’t enough, Red & Mef pull out EPMD!

I told ya’ll before that this was a show full of surprises, but I can’t even describe to you how it was actually being there. NaS was up next and I was extremely skeptical when they started setting up for a live band. NaS came out to “N.I.G.G.E.R. (Slave and Master)” backed by the band and DJ Green Lantern. But that led into a slew of Illmatic tracks. He hit us off with like 5 joints, it was bananas.

After a solid performance, I was convinced that the backing band was a great idea. As satisfied as I felt, I guess NaS felt it just wasn’t enough. NaS at one point turns around and puts on his Mets fitted. Jay-Z comes out of nowhere rocking the Yankee fitted. It was like two of the greatest players from opposite teams getting together to take over the league. They performed “Success” follwed by “Black Republican”.

I’ve seen NaS multiple times but this was another very refreshing set. Finished off by an amazing showcase of “One Mic”, NaS’ set setup what we’ve all been waiting for, A Tribe Called Quest. I was so disappointed for the first couple of minutes when Q-Tip was on stage with Mos Def as a hype man. Not because it was wack, but it really had me thinking that Q-Tip was going to be there to represent for A Tribe Called Quest.

Sure enough, after a solid solo set, they introduced the rest of the crew to really wreck the stage.

In the middle of their set, they brought out Consequence who was completely useless, he barely even ad-libbed.

The highlight of the whole night had to be when Tribe brought out Busta Rhymes while performing Scenario. I was intimidated by Busta as he shows off his strength on stage. He had the whole place going straight bananas. After Scenario, Busta went straight into “Woo Hah” which had everyone going more retarded.

Tribe ended off their set and the show with “Award Tour”. This ended what was History for Hip-Hop. I was happy to attend, even after all the money spent on $5 waters and $3 Skittles (yes, it was that serious). If you missed out, well you just did that, missed out. I’ll be more than happy to show you how much fun I had. Don’t forget to check out It’s Lloyal, tonight from 9-11pm.


p.s. This is the first of four postings to my new Top 10 everything. You’ll see soon enough. Mwhahahaha


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  1. Damn I cant believe I missed this year. I went last year for my B-day and that shit rocked. Still didn’t get to see Murs, and Immortal Technique tho, which blows chunks.

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