On the same day…


…that Barry Bonds and Jennifer Lopez was born (let’s not forget my cousin Randy), I was brought into this world. I’m 19 today, yes, I know, most of you are blowing your brains out going, “HE’S ONLY 19!?!?!?!?” Yes, it’s true, and I’ll never lie about it. This is my first birthday to come where I’ve had this blog so this post, is very, very special to me. To answer the most dumbest question ever asked during anyone’s birthday, no, I don’t feel older. 2008 is a very important year for me. It’s the year that everything changed. I changed my career path and completed all those gapped thoughts of where I’d want to be in 5-10 years. For those who thought my lack of experience and age would slow me down, Sirius called me yesterday. Yes, I put onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Kid Kelly, I’m really coming for you now nigga!




Huge shouts to Dot (the7daytheory.wordpress.com)! He came through to the show last Tuesday as we talked our bullshit. For the record, I don’t hate Jersey, it’s all in a days work. But if you’re going to continue to talk about it, FUCK JERSEY! I’ll upload the show ASAP, stay tuned.



One Response to “On the same day…”

  1. yo son. sirius? thats loco. ❤ you’re amazing. dont let anyone tell u different. (not that you would believe them for a second.) 😀 *hugs*

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