SummerStage 08


A glimpse of SummerStage


I have no idea why, but I feel like people who live in NYC are always complaining about NYC. I’ve been living here all my life and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. One of the biggest reasons I love it here so much though is the concerts. A large contribution to that is SummerStage that goes down basically every weekend, every Summer, in Central Park. Artists / DJs/ Authors / everything you could imagine get together and put together a free show, with 3 different shows every weekend (from Friday to Sunday). I just got back home from peeping Kid Cudi, DJ Atrak, Diplo, & Santogold. The highlight had to be DJ Atrak. He has murdered his set everytime I’ve ever seen him, so I’m not too surprised. SummerStage will be going on through the middle – end of August. If you’re from NYC and you’re hearing of SummerStage for the first time right now, go ahead and kill yourself. Thanks.


Atrak started playing Shook Ones, pt 2


Can’t help but sing along


Jeff and I, fronting like we couldn’t fry eggs on our chests


This is gay, fuck it


“I dunno my dude, but I’m thinking about eating ya food (tryna eat it)” -Sheek Louch


p.s. If you’re into Dance / House music at all, check out DJ ARQ’s (the gayest picture I’ve ever taken two pictures up), Summer Mix:


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