Two Girls At Once…

To any dude, that sounds quite lovely. What man doesn’t dream of that menage a trois? I mean, me too! But when you fall in love with two girls simultaneously, it’s not fun. Especially when there’s nothing wrong with either of them. What’s even worse, is that only one of them knows the whole situation (well both after I push that “publish” button I guess they’ll both know). This past Tuesday, when everybody left the studio and I closed my eyes, I zoned out during my freestyle session and started getting real personal. I’ve cut out this particular part to share with ya’ll my worries. In this freestyle, I’ve summed up the situation damn well. So no more questions! Click on the “Two Girl” painting for the freestyle.

Moving forward from the emotional and mushy! The rest of the show contains a whole bunch of new music that you don’t have and another classic freestyle session by Prophit and I. I don’t want to explain it too much but the situations we create is just ridiculous. Maybe you’ll get a little idea from the pic, click on the homeless dude by Mickey D’s




3 Responses to “Two Girls At Once…”

  1. great track, id love to hear the rest one day… I hope everything works out for you in the end – life is crazy, man. ❤

  2. your a good speller. lol

    Menage a trois

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