R.I.P. Onyx

The naked MC and Onyx


Onyx was an old man that a lot of people met and instantly fell in love with. Even though I haven’t known Onyx that long, I really shared a connection with him. On the day he was put to sleep, I had Prophit and Jeremiah Alexis (jeremiahalexis.com) on It’s Lloyal. This was completely by coincidence because I’ve been trying to get these two on the show at the same time forever! But this show is what took a tragic moment and made it completely beautiful.


This show was classic on so many levels. Between Jeremiah Alexis (Writer / Director / Actor / Everything that has to do with a movie, seriously) writing that heart-felt rhyme on his way to the show about Onyx, to the freestyles where Jeremiah plays the role of “Green Man” (the little nameless green superhero that sits on Prophit’s entertainment unit) who’s constantly insulting Prophit, to me playing Ms. Paulette (the mother of this crazy duo) to split them up.



Jeremiah Alexis in Urban Latino Magazine



Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties over at WBMB, we weren’t able to record the show. I really wish I could be able to play this back at least for Ms. Paulette. But, in a way, I understand this is how it was supposed to be and I know, she knows how we represented for her superdog.


Now I know ask a lot of ya’ll (yes, YOU!). I beg ya’ll to click two links on Tuesday nights to tune into my nothingness, but c’mon, you enjoy it! I’d really appreciate it if anyone who actually heard this show dropped a little comment about how they felt. If you missed the show, tell me that you wish you would’ve caught it! It’s Monday morning and I’m mapping out the next It’s Lloyal as we speak. From one superhero to another, I can’t even say I miss you Onyx, ’cause you still here. Until next time…







One Response to “R.I.P. Onyx”

  1. One of my most favorite shows, being on the air with 3 of my brothers jeremiah, lloyal and onyx was fun as fuck!

    green man ripped it
    so did my momma P

    and so did lloyal as momma P

    balls bill killed it 2 but no one will ever know that.

    i will take that to my graveeeeeeeeeeee

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