Gabe Wax

This young young young white boy is the truth. I first heard about him from Prophit and he’s become somewhat an exclusive producer for Prophit. This past Tuesday, I had him and Versa up on the show and we were straight wylin’ out. Unfortunately, due to bootleg computers over at WBMB, I wasn’t able to record this show. But everyone who got to listen know that this was one of the most entertaining shows yet! I’m just an overall asshole, who everyone likes. Peep the irony. This kid got me ready to add an extra track to Lloyal Rumble for no reason, yes he’s that nice. Peace to everyone who was tuned in this past Tuesday.



Just to update, I realized that it’s not that necessary to upload each and every show so I’m going to thoroughly go through what I’ve got and upload the best of the best. Not to say they’re not all great, but shit, that’s a helluva lot of shows to catch up on. In the meantime, enjoy the 6 shows I’ve got up now. The best is yet to come, I’ve become the dream.



2 Responses to “Gabe Wax”

  1. Saul Rosenberg Says:

    Goood looks my duuuuude, had mad fun on the show.

  2. Melinda Wax Says:

    That’s my boy! Don’t forget to listen to his beats on Facebook and MySpace. Have him on again!

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