Metal Gear Solid 4…BEATEN!


After a nice night of unprotected sex, I finally decided at about 8am this morning to finally run through the last few sections of MGS4. Yes, this game is better than Grand Theft Auto IV (I’ll upload the show GTAIV vs. MGS4 show in the real near future). This is arguably the greatest game of all-time! I sound like a fanboy, but fuck it! Do yourself a favor, buy a PS3 (if you don’t have one already) and get MGS4, or fuck it, get the bundle! Save yourself some time.



Right after completing the game, I find out immediately that there’s a whole ‘nother game within the game! Don’t worry, no spoilers, I’m just talking about Metal Gear Online. Where you create a soldier and face off in a bunch of different modes in the Metal Gear Universe. So in a way, you get to play the role of all the other soldiers you’ve been killing throughout the campaign. It’s kind of hard to really explain and breakdown without you knowing and understanding the Metal Gear story. To make a long story short, any person who’s ever loved video games, shit, anyone who’s really loved a good movie needs to play this game. The unlockables are unlimited making space for multiple play throughs and a crazy amount of longevity. Thanks to both GTAIV and MGS4 (let’s not forget COD4 which is still heavy in the rotation), I’ll be in the crib for quite sometime now, haha.


3 Responses to “Metal Gear Solid 4…BEATEN!”

  1. Mrs. Joyceelaine Arias Brown Says:

    arent all nights of unprotected sex just wonderful.

    your blog is just sooo highly entertaining.
    why do you consume my time lloyd whyy

  2. I live to entertain.

  3. Best starting line in a blog yet! Too fucking funny. Guess I gotta add this to my blogroll now so I don’t have to do work as much. Good shit homie.

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