Corner Store Classics…

Not only is a hot ass title to Skyzoo’s mixtape but it’s also what I produce each and every Tuesday from 9-11pm. I really appreciate this dude’s presence, he was more humble than the small kids I worked with. Not to say Skyzoo is that large, but he’s getting bigger and bigger everyday (pause). He agreed to the first hour so the format of this show is a little different from what I’m used to doing but still a great show. 

Fuck a BlackBerry and its bitch ass camera.

p.s. It’s hard for me to talk shit considering this is one of my worst freestyle sessions ever. It wasn’t that I was nervous, there’s no excuses really, I just sucked that night. But the fact that Skyzoo was spitting directly off his Sidekick 2 not only proves that freestyling is 100% dead but it also shows that not all “underground” dudes are as “real” as everyone claims.



Lloyal, Versa, Remy

The last hour was mad random for real. It gets to a point where I put a CD in and just go through tracks. The second freestyle session was a much different mood, as you’ll see. A bunch of call in freestyles made the cipher complete.


Click on either pic to download the show.


p.p.s. I’m not sure how this happened, but somehow when I was saving the stream it came out a little choppy. So pardon me for the little fuck ups here and there, it wasn’t my fault.


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