As I proceed…

To give you what you need! Diddy? Yeah, I know. Would somebody tell Prophit about Diddy claiming production on beats he never touched? He honestly believes Diddy is all over American Gangster, FUCKING MARICHON!


Today, I went into the ASMO (Assistant Manager of Operations) office over at Bloomingdales and basically demanded a raise! So he really sat there for about a hour and a half collecting evidence of a bunch of bullshit and explainations of exactly why I DON’T deserve a raise. What a dick!


Today, I realized my future ain’t in no Monkey Suite, word to DOOM.



I have for ya’ll the show from February 5th, the following show from the last upload. This time featuring Hannah from Atlanta, this has been dubbed as the “I’m A Bad Girl” episode. Download to find out why.

Click the pic.


3 Responses to “As I proceed…”

  1. pete basicly did juicy diddy took the production credit. true story
    diddy be on his bitchassness

  2. itslloyal Says:

    THANK YOU! Somebody understands. haha

  3. Pete’s version is iller anyway.

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