About Time Muthafuckassssss…

I know what ya’ll are thinking, ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!! Well from now on I’ll keep you posted with every show, bullshit from my daily life, Hip-Hop, Videogames, Sex, Free Condoms, all that. Listen here Scooter, I’m going to be famous (and rich), either you support the movement, or you don’t.


To start, I’m giving ya’ll links to my first official show of “It’s Lloyal” and most definitely one of the best freestyle sessions ever.




Click the pic.


I have a lot of catching up to do so stick with me ya’ll. Welcome, to the official blog for It’s Lloyal.


2 Responses to “About Time Muthafuckassssss…”

  1. The fuck is one show?
    You ain’t never gon upload the rest motherfucker!

  2. itslloyal Says:

    Actually sir, there’s another one up now! NIGGAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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